No, it will not. Read more.

Let me help you answer and reflect. I’ll do that by telling you a story. A part of my story. 

While I have had great successes in tech/internet business, not many know that from 2010-19, I worked on 10 other ideas, businesses, ventures, and partnerships. Seven failed. Yes! Seven failed and I lost. 

Do you want to know why?

  • I didn’t execute some ideas. 
  • I didn’t plan well. 
  • I lacked in my research. 
  • I chose the wrong people to work with. 
  • I didn’t formalize/document our partnership.
  • I did not give it (ventures) enough time. 
  • I wasn’t patient enough. 
  • I was impulsive. 

What would you do if you were me? Well, I am more determined (than before) but only after taking ownership of my failures. Notice how everything starts with “I”? Taking ownership and accountability is part of the journey to success.

BTW, Bonus (for those that credit their failures to others): There were external factors that added to why some ventures never took off (but that is why research is important).

Why am I telling you this? I am telling you this so that you know that there are no short roads and overnight successes. What we see as an overnight sensation, probably has decades of effort and many failures. You may have to do 995 things that fail before 5 becoming successful. 

Don’t let this year be spent on comparing your progress with others. Don’t let this year be about dreaming instead of doing. Don’t waste another year chasing easy money. 

I wish you make this year about self-awareness, happiness, being useful and action! 

KEYWORDS: Execution | Planning | Research | People | Document | Time management | Patience | Emotional intelligence | Ownership | Accountability | Self-awareness | Happiness | Usefulness (to others) | Action 

What do YOU want this year to be like?

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PS: new decade starts 2021. 

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