When I started out my adult life, I believed I needed to find my one true passion. Growing up, everything around us is designed to make us choose ONE. Pick a subject, a major or a career. I believed that I should find my passion, build it and live it. I was wrong! 

For the last 20 years, I am;

– a salesperson (selling value, services and innovation),

– a technical manager (learning & managing technology, networks, hardware and software),

– a customer service representative (understanding customer behavior),

– a business consultant (understanding, improving & scaling businesses),

– a finance executive (understanding and using numbers & data to better businesses),

– a marketer (making my products and services desirable to consumers),

– an artist (designing smart spaces, building software and creating art), 

– a storyteller (listening, learning and telling my own stories),

– a coach & mentor (helping people become better versions of themselves), 

– a leader (combining passions to empower, grow and be useful)!

The beauty of humankind is diversity. Diversity of thoughts, interests, opinions, likes, tastes and passions. Today, if you want to innovate, grow and change, we must bring together our combined and diversified knowledge, interests and passions. 

Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.”, meaning, we cannot find solutions, innovations and achievements by looking in one place. 

So, go explore your passions, develop them, enjoy them and use them to add value to the world, in your own unique way! 

PS: Here is one of my passions; drawing.

Until next time, keep learning. Keep hustling.

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