I am an immortality enthusiast, with a passion for developing people, technology and creative arts. I have been exploiting my passions to improve connectivity & technology, developing people and businesses in Tanzania and Africa for 20 years.

I am a business development expert and consultant. I am also a motivational speaker, mentor and advisor to various start-up and aspiring entrepreneurs.

My purpose is to use my experiences, knowledge and learning to add value to you and the world at large.

 I am doing that through living the #lifeofaCorporateJunkie

Why do you need a mentor?
Good mentors help you set measurable goals, don't let you get complacent, inspire and develop you. I can develop you, if you want to develop yourself!
Why do you need a coach?
A coach helps you get where you want to, faster! A good coach will challenge you, help you focus better, counter weaknesses and sometimes hold you accountable; so that you accelerate toward your goals.
Why do you need a speaker?
Stories are powerful. Sometimes you need to hear someone else's story to inspire you; to make your own. In the end everyone becomes a story. Be a good story!